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Single-Serving Cashew & Cacao Rose Latte

Single-Serving Cashew & Cacao Rose Latte

Spring is nearing, and all I can think about these days are flowers! Flowers in the house, floral essential oils on my skin, and dried, edible flower petals in my food and drink! I've even been using them in my facial steams to breathe in the sweet smell of the nearing season. 

This creamy cashew & cacao rose latte is the perfect way to get through the last bit of winter. It's cool and crisp out -- calling for hot cozy everythings -- yet the sun is shining and birds are chirping. These are the mornings I want to drink this latte, and maybe even a few in between.

1 tsp. Maple
1 tsp. Cacao nibs
1/2 tsp. Your favorite "dust" or adaptogen*
3/4 cup Creamiest Cashew Milk
1/2 cup Hot black coffee
3-4 Dried food-grade rose petals + additional for garnish

In a heat-safe jar, microwave your cashew milk for 3 x 30-second intervals, or until piping hot. Note: If you heat the milk too quickly, it will curdle. If you have a really powerful microwave, try 15-second intervals. 

Transfer the warmed cashew milk to a blender, and add the maple, cacao nibs, adaptogen of choice (if using), and the rose petals. Blend until the mixture is smooth, creamy, and a bit frothy. Note: leave the lid of the blender slightly vented to let steam out. Be careful not to put your skin over that steam vent as it may be hot. 

Cashew Rose Cacao Latte.jpg

Add your hot black coffee to a mug, and top with the creamy rose cacao cashew milk straight from the blender. Garnish with extra crushed rose petals and/or cacao nibs if desired. 

*Boosts that work well here include: ashwaganda, astralagus, any mild-tasting medicinal mushroom powder, camu camu (a wonderful source of vitamin C) or any of your other favorites.

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