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Heal your relationship with food once and for all.
Bring meaning back to your plate.
Create balance for your life.
Let's do it together.

Nutrition can be confusing. Let's simplify it.

Nutrition at Purposeful Plate isn't about restrictions, measurements, or rules. It isn't about banning entire food groups, adhering to a strict diet, or giving yourself a label. It's not about food-shaming your friends, becoming "too good" for your parents' home-cooked meals, or bringing your own tupperware to the dinner party.

The truth is, I've been there. I've done each of those things, and I'll be the first to admit that it doesn't work.

Here's what nutrition at Purposeful Plate IS:

  • Information and resources to empower you to choose wisely among your available options

  • Encouragement to help you develop your own unique plan of eating -- one that makes you feel whole, satisfied, and balanced

  • Friendly advice for shifting your mindset from one of fear and confusion to one of confidence and ease

  • A guide for bringing simple, humble, "superfood" ingredients into your routine as often as possible

  • A space for you to let down your barriers, shake off your doubts, and start loving your relationship with food

  • Refuge from the traditional "diet" approach

Instead of giving you a set of strict rules to deliver short-term results, my counseling style aims to deliver long-lasting relief from the constant worry and stress revolving your health, weight, shape, size, fear of cooking, confusion in the grocery store, and so much more.

Food at its core is survival. But we are complex creatures, and thus food also provides us with a deep connection to culture, community, love, comfort, and joy.

If this sounds like the guidance you’ve been looking for, I encourage you to continue reading, and schedule a complimentary consultation with me below.

Leesa Morales | Holistic Nutritionist | Purposeful Plate

Nutritional Wellness Services.


  • We'll discuss any changes you'd like to see both on and off your plate to bring you optimal wellness and joy. We'll also talk about any symptoms you're experiencing, both physically and mentally, and how nutrition and lifestyle can help you come back into balance.

  • Optional: Consultation clients may also receive detailed feedback on their 3-day food log prior to the call to receive encouraging guidance, if desired.


  • Together, we'll identify realistic health goals, create a detailed plan of action to reach and maintain those goals, and implement steps along the way to ensure that you develop lasting habits to support optimal wellness long after our time together.

  • After each session, you’ll also receive a personalized meal plan including seasonal recipes, mindful eating tips, and recipe modification suggestions, in addition to a detailed meeting outline including any major points of interest and resources for reference.

  • Sessions are available for purchase as a single hour, or in a 4-pack, and can be completed weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

Leesa Morales, MScN | Nutritionist | Purposeful Plate

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