What is Purposeful Plate?

Purposeful Plate is a wellness resource dedicated to helping you identify and master your own unique formula for optimal health. Imagine it as a wellness buffet, where you can browse what’s available, and get inspired to consume what calls to you.

Here, you’ll find traditional holistic nutrition topics, such as functional foods, nourishing recipes, and tips to reduce disease risk, and you’ll also find lifestyle musings that encourage you to pursue the life of your dreams, restaurant recommendations, natural product reviews, and tips to reduce environmental impact.

As a female, a student of the earth, a purveyor of nourishing experiences, a consumer, a wellness junkie, and a scientific investigator, I am always navigating this path of life beside you. If you have topics in mind you’d like me to explore, please reach out and let me know.

The plate is the place we come to when we think of nutrition. It is a blank slate awaiting your input. It can be divided in endless combinations into nourishment, connection, culture, emotion, joy, art, identity, and so much more. It, along with my kitchen, is the place my heart sings.

However, as I’ve explored what it means to be truly well, I’ve figured out that we need to also consume a steady flow of “lifestyle nutrients,” things that nourish our spirituality, body, and mind in different ways than foods.

What I’ve found for myself, and what I’ve learned through a decade of research, is that in addition to nourishing food and drink (and occasionally supplements), humans rely on community, personal expression, giving back, self-love, self-care, acceptance, rest, movement, faith, and inspiration to be wholly well. And for me, a pet at all times.

You’ve probably heard the phrase “You can’t fully support others until you’ve fully supported yourself.” Loving ourselves gives us a greater interest in our well-being, which translates into better decision-making, more energy, and a deeper sense of hope, joy, confidence, and compassion. When we are fully supported, we are more motivated, and can contribute more love and care into our relationships and our work.

My hope is that this website will inspire you to look inside yourself and find what makes you feel deeply well, so that you might bring more awareness and compassion to your journey.

The media changes its mind almost daily about what we “should” eat and do to be healthy. I’m not interested in fad diets or quick fixes. I’m interested in empowering others to create their own wellness plan based on the things in life that make them feel whole.

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Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

From my plate to yours,
Leesa Morales