Review: GoodBeing Natural Beauty Subscription Box

Your very own personal beauty advocate. That’s what it’s like to have the monthly GoodBeing subscription box.

To have someone (yes, a real person!) select beauty products that match your preferences, verify them with your high quality standards, and encourage you to challenge your normal beauty routine and try something new.

To have someone reference a list of hundreds of banned ingredients to keep them from ever entering your home or skin, and to seek out new, up-and-coming brands that have designed products specifically for you.

That is what it’s like with GoodBeing, because that is exactly what it is.

GoodBeing Nautral Beauty Subscription Box

Such a personalized experience would cost hundreds of dollars and demand a long-term commitment, wouldn’t you think?

Well, what if I told you this service is available now with no minimum commitment, is only $25 per box, and you can cancel anytime you like? If that’s not enough incentive, you can also save $17 when you prepay for 6-months!

It’s all true, friend!

And what’s even better than all of these details is the delight you’ll feel when you receive your first box, and realize that it really is as good as it sounds.

It’s not easy to enjoy every single item in a surprise box. There’s often one or two items that don’t match my taste, meet my standards, or fill a need. But the expert curators behind GoodBeing far exceeded my expectations.

Here’s what I received, and how I’m working them into my daily routine.

Review: Goodbeing Natural Beauty Subscription Box
Amber Body Oil | GoodBeing Subscription Box Review

This amber body oil is so soft and fragrant, I absolutely love adding a few drops to my hands first thing in the morning, and working it into my shoulders and neck. The light amber essence stays on all day, eliminating the need for additional perfume.

I also blended a few drops of this oil into a DIY roll-on stick that I created to keep on hand for on-the-go use. Along with the amber, I added essential oils of vanilla, grapefruit, and frankincense. It is completely lovely!

Clove & Hallow Lip Stain | GoodBeing Natural Beauty Box

Clove & Hallow lip stain. This shade was darker than I would have picked out for myself, but the moment I applied it, I fell in love. It goes on soft, smooth, and glossy, and then quickly dries to a matte finish. The lip stain survived an entire night of talking, eating, drinking, laughing, and even wiping and licking my lips. I never once had to reapply! I did, however, add a light layer of shea butter & cocoa butter chapstick late in the evening to moisturize, as the matte finish did dry my lips out just a touch. Verdict: I would definitely buy this lip stain again. The only question is, which color to get next??

Natural Beauty Holiday Gifts: GoodBeing Monthly Subscription

MegaFood vitamin gummies. My GoodBeing box came with two packets of gummies, one vitamin B12 (energy), and one Vitamin C (antioxidant). I ate both of them right away, and they were so delicious and had me feeling so great that I ordered a full-size bottle. (Available on amazon!)

GoodBeing Natural Beauty Subscription Box

PAXI Hydro Boost. The perfect after-shower toner! One spritz after cleansing, and my skin felt brand new. These cold, breezy winter days have my face feeling tight and dry, and toning has become imperative to my routine to keep my skin’s pH balance in check, and add a bit of extra moisture before applying a cream.

Konjac Facial Scrubbing Sponge. What a gem! This rough, rugged, pink French clay-infused facial sponge becomes soft when soaked in water, and adapts the perfect texture to gently buff away dead skin cells and unclog pores. The instructions mention that this sponge can be used to cleanse with or without soap, and can be used for up to 6 weeks! I am a huge fan.

GoodBeing Subscription Box

There you have it! These five items truly brightened my day, and have nestled themselves right into my beauty routine. It is such a pleasure to have natural, expert-tested products showing up on my doorstep on a monthly basis to elevate my skincare and makeup regimen, and to keep me from spending unnecessary time and money researching them for myself.

If you’re inspired to try a subscription for yourself, or know a friend who would love to receive this as a gift, I highly encourage you to check out their packages here.

All my best,