Let There be Charity.

One day a week at the food bank. Hosting a non-profit event. Donating services or goods. If it isn't tempting enough to offer a charitable deed to your community every now and then just for fun, then take a look at this article which says that kindness is actually good for your health.

These days, individuals and big businesses alike are looking for more ways to get involved. Whether domestically or abroad, keep your eyes peeled for how you can contribute. Sometimes, that might even involve drinking a great beer..or two.

Last Sunday, (January 11, 2015) I had the pleasure of swooning among the Bagby Gardens for The Pint Project's latest Brewery installment here in San Diego. All proceeds benefit families in need, those recently diagnosed with cancer, illness, or facing life-threatening consequences. Started by firefighters in San Diego, money raised through these events goes towards families in the fire and EMS services.

And what a success it was! Raise a glass wherever you are to the charitable Bagby team for sponsoring such a tremendous event, and to all those who supported the cause.

Bagby Beer Pint Project 18.jpg
Pint Project 7.jpg