Drink to the BEET.

With the amount of damage our bodies go through - from daily stress to a New-Year's binge of muddled drinks and late-night eats - you'd better believe that body needs some routine repair. Here's a simple breakdown of a full body miracle maker just waiting to be plucked from the produce department, or better yet - your local farmers market!

The last time you saw a beet was probably at a salad bar sitting in a container of maroon liquid. What you DON'T know is how good they are for you and how DELICIOUS they can be.

Recommended: chop up a fresh, raw beet and put it through the juicer with a handful of strawberries and one cucumber. Use the leafy green beet tops, too. 

WHY: Nutrients found in beets such as potassium, iron, and vitamin B6 can improve both quality of health and longevity. These nutrients work synergistically to prevent stroke, reduce cholesterol, properly oxygenate the brain and muscle tissue, and aid in cancer prevention. Betaine is an antioxidant found abundantly in beets. This and other antioxidants work to destroy damaged cells before they replicate and become cancerous.

BONUS. Nitrates found in beetroots have a positive effect on running velocity. So next time you run a 5k, or a marathon for that matter, beet up to speed up.

beet juice