Making A Festive Cheese Board

Whether it's Christmas, Easter, or your birthday, nothing says easy entertaining like a cheese board.  Why, you ask?  People love to snack. Munching and nibbling as they chitter and chatter; appetizer tables tend to be social, delicious, and set the mood for your party.

If making your own cheese board, it doesn't have to be expensive or imported (although... if exquisite is what you're going for...then by all means!).  Most health food stores and even Trader Joe's have excellent cheese selections.  A board should host between 2-4 cheeses (one soft, one medium, one hard, etc.) with a few cracker selections, some fresh baked bread, and "sprinkles".  Not like cupcake sprinkles, but pretty little things that are edible and add to the display.  For example - dried fruits, nuts, honey, fruit shavings, anything!

The best part about making a cheese board is that you get to be creative.
1. Choose a color scheme. Orange & Red. Green & Peach. Blue & Cranberry. And stick with it!

2. Have variety. Don't spend so much money on two or three things that you can't have options.

3. Use small bowls, ice cream cups, mini cake stands, decorative paper napkins and any fun little utensils and trinkets that you enjoy. Again, this doesn't have to be expensive. Look in the dollar isles of stores or even some antique things you have lying around.

Cheese boards can be rustic, chic, colorful, or neutral.  Even if you don't like cheese (like myself) your guests will enjoy the creative touch and appreciate the effort & personality you add to the party.  Voila!

Let them eat cheese.

festive holiday cheese board.jpg
festive holiday cheese board.jpg