Purposeful Plate | Nutrition + Photography

With an emphasis on whole body health, food as medicine, and following your bliss, The Purposeful Plate is the place I share nourishing recipes, educational blog posts, and feel-good photography.

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Hi there! I’m Leesa.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology, a Master’s degree in Nutrition, and 10+ years of experience in digital photography, it is my joy and privilege to bring you The Purposeful Plate, a wellness resource dedicated to helping you find inspiration and meaning in your life and on your plate.

For me, it’s important to create nourishing meals that reduce chronic disease risk, support a healthy body and environment, and most importantly — taste delicious so every morsel is savored!

Photography gives me an opportunity to slow down in the kitchen and craft my food thoughtfully. It also brings me endless joy. I want to encourage you to support your mind and body through work that makes you feel alive, and food that supports longevity so that you may have a long and happy life!

For collaboration information, nutrition counseling, and all other inquiries, please reach out to: Leesa@ThePurposefulPlate.com. Thank you for being here!

xx Leesa Morales