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What is Purposeful Plate?

Purposeful Plate is a multifaceted wellness resource dedicated to helping you identify & master your own unique formula for optimal health. Here, you can find nourishing recipes, healthy living and eating advice, and encouragement to pursue the life of your dreams.

The “plate” is the place we come to when we think of nutrition. It involves the food we eat, the powerful nutrients that make up those foods, the mealtimes we practice, and the tools we use to maximize our body’s breakdown and utilization of those nutrients. Eating also includes our feelings attached to certain foods, our cultural connection, our personal identity, and so much more.

However, as a believer in whole-body wellness, I believe it takes a whole-life approach to really thrive. And as it turns out, our “nutrient” requirements go far beyond what we can find on a plate.

Being truly “well,” in my opinion, depends on a variety of individual factors. And while each of us experience our own unique blend of needs and preferences, the recipe for wellness generally includes a few foundational ingredients: connecting to our inner joy as often as possible, surrounding ourselves with a supportive and loving community, fostering relationships with others who inspire us, and pursuing a profession that we feel passionate about.

At the root of wellness lies one truly foundational centerpiece: self-love.

Loving ourselves gives us a greater interest in taking care of our body and mind, which translates into better decision-making, more motivation, stronger drive, higher energy, more joy, solid confidence, and allows us to contribute more love into our relationships and work.

Nutrition at Purposeful Plate is about combining all of these essential components that make us feel whole, so that our “plate” may truly nourish us in many ways. My hope is to help bring more meaning back to your plate and more joy to your life, one purposeful bite, sip, or step at a time.

For more information on individual nutrition counseling, click here. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

From my plate to yours,
-Leesa Morales

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Leesa Morales
With an emphasis on food as medicine, whole body wellness, and following your bliss, "The Purposeful Plate" is the place I share my tips and inspiration for living and eating well, and loving every minute of it.
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