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Thanksgiving Review: My 2 Favorite Pies, Ever.

Thanksgiving Review: My 2 Favorite Pies, Ever.

Every Thanksgiving, I make the same pumpkin pie.

It's not my own recipe. it's from Food52, and I'm simply convinced that it's the best one out there in terms of nutrition, taste, and ease of throwing together Thanksgiving morning. First, you soak cashews and prepare a pie crust (in my world, "preparing a pie crust" means taking one out of the freezer, but if you're a homemade pie dough kind of character, feel free to make one yourself!).

Next, all of the filling ingredients are combined in a high-speed blender and pureed until creamy and smooth, then baked right into the pie crust. Done! 

This recipe contains a significant amount of protein with the addition of cashews, it's completely vegan, and each bite boasts rich notes of sweet pumpkin and earthy spices. I always top mine with a sprinkling of flaked sea salt and freshly ground cloves, but it's not necessary.

I find this pie is better after setting in the refrigerator over night, but even just chilled for a couple of hours would do the trick to get the filling set. YUM! Here's the link to the recipe.

This Thanksgiving in particular, my cousin made a cranberry pie.

It wasn't her own recipe, either. But oh, lord did those tart and sweet red jewels make their way into my heart as a dessert just as much as the side dish. And now, I think this pie will have to make an appearance at every Thanksgiving from here on out. 

It's a shortbread-like topping covering a sweetened cranberry and pecan filling, and it's just the right burst of flavor to complete the holiday feast. (*Nutritionist tip: skip the extra dusting of sugar on top to reduce the impact on your health, it tasted plenty sweet enough to me!) Here's the link to this recipe.

If you're on pie duty at your next holiday party or potluck, or simply want to bake something festive during the Fall or Winter, either of these would be absolutely perfect. 

When eating sweets, remember to keep your portion sizes under control (try a half slice of your two favorites instead of two whole slices), and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated! 

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Purposeful Nutrient: Vitamin C

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