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Hot Chocolate For Breakfast

Hot Chocolate For Breakfast

Oh, how I love December! 🌟
I’m feeling extra festive and cozy these days, but especially when curled up first thing in the morning next to our Christmas tree with a superfood hot cocoa. 

Now, I know what you’re thinking... "Leesa, how is it possible that a nutritionist would drink hot cocoa first thing in the morning?" Well, with a few high quality, health-promoting ingredients, even a treat can become an anytime food. Keep these 3 tricks in mind when boosting your next mug o’ cocoa.

(1) Use a high quality cocoa mix, or make your own! There are a ton of DIY recipes online for simple, natural hot cocoa mix. Last year I won a giveaway on Instagram with Eating Evolved, and I received a canister of their amazingly delicious hot cocoa mix. The only four organic ingredients are: cocoa, cocoa powder, coconut sugar, and cocoa butter. No preservatives, no artificial flavors, and no ridiculous amount of sugar. I encourage you to reach beyond the grocery store packets and try something better! 

(2) Include a little high-quality protein and/or fat into your mug, which slows the absorption rate of sugar and provides your body more adequate nutrition. What I like to do is mix my cocoa with a protein-rich non-dairy milk. I use the unsweetened original by Ripple Foods, which has 8g of pea protein per cup. A homemade oat, hemp, cashew, almond, or other milk would be delicious here as well. Otherwise, if you're clear out of milk or don't have time to make one, use water as your liquid, and blend in a spoonful of coconut butter or coconut oil. This will make your cocoa extra creamy, and provide lasting satiation.

(3) Lastly, a superfood boost will do just the trick to justify chocolate for breakfast (...or lunch). Bring your drink’s health promoting properties to life with a little “dust.” I would recommend anything from the Moon Juice company, but you can also just empty a capsule of your favorite adaptogens (camu camu, ashwaganda, and maca root would be brilliant here). Just a tiny bit goes a long way, start with 1/2 teaspoon per mug. I used “Brain Dust,” which features adaptogens and superfoods for brain health, mental alertness, and focus. 

And there you have it! My simple rules for sneaking chocolate in the morning. Or use this as a guide to elevate all of your sweet, frothy drinks. A cozy treat doesn’t have to be a disservice to your body, it is the holidays after all! 

Happy festivities, friends!
Drink purposefully,


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