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Eat Your Vegetables

Eat Your Vegetables

Eat. Your. Vegetables.

Over the course of the last century, civilization has embarked on a pretty incredible nutrition journey. Scientists have discovered countless nutrients and phytonutrients in our foods, analyzed the effects of various ingredients on longevity and overall wellness, and identified those which either promote or prevent disease and illness. We as a society have become completely obsessed with creating, enjoying, and sharing foods and recipes. And now, the nutrition science study and occupation is larger (and in charger) than ever.

During this whole nutrition crusade, fat has gotten a bad reputation (yet finally has resurged, and is back with a vengeance), carbs, protein, fruit, honey, and heck, even a few vegetables have all been accused of causing us to be unwell. But in reality, it's our overconsumption of everything else and our underconsumption of vegetables that has put us all out of whack.

Although it can be confusing if you go down the rabbit hole of information, opinions, and biased studies available to figure out your own best strategy for optimal wellness, I think we all inherently know which foods are best for our own bodies, and which ones make us feel a little crappy (helloooo, gas, bloating, dry skin, brain fog, fatigue, immune suppression, imbalanced blood sugar, estrogen dominance, mood swings, depression, anxiety...you get it). 

The first thing I tell my clients, and the first thing I'll tell you is this: Eat more vegetables. Make it a habit. Prepare them early in the week, and munch on them daily. Fill half of your plate (at least!) with a variety of colors and textures at every meal, and over time you will begin to crave them more and more often. At first, it can be a chore, but your body will begin reaping the benefits and you will become obsessed with eating plenty of fresh, colorful produce every single day alongside your sustainable proteins and high-quality fats, grains, beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, and so on.

I think that we have become so comfortable succumbing to the comfort, emotional connection, and addictions we face to our favorite foods and guilty pleasures, not to mention the unbelievable connivence they provide, that we forget eating well takes time, effort, love, and patience.

Stop depriving your body of the essential nutrients it needs, and start putting more time into your meals. And let your guilty pleasures and comfort foods be an occasional treat instead of a daily occurrence. 

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